Addicts in recovery adjust to social distancing

Addicts in recovery adjust to social distancing

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Addiction recovery professionals are looking for ways to help addicts maintain personal connections currently strained by social distancing.

“So we went out and bought a bunch of iPads,” said Patrick Kullman, the executive director at Landmark Recovery. “So our residents have the ability to Facetime, Skype, or use any type of video chat platform that’s out there to talk with their loved ones."

Kullman said Landmark also continues to provide group therapy sessions by requiring clients to undergo a brief health screening and have their temperature checked before entering.

Kullman said his concern is the possibility a client in recovery could relapse due to disruptions and lost personal connections.

Hundreds of residential clients at the Healing Place are now allowed to use cellphones to ease the stress of being away from families due to restricted access to the Louisville facility.

“We’re already on a daily basis dealing with anxiety, fear and anger and sadness, all the other stuff," Healing Place President Karyn Hascal said. "So we’re really well prepared to help folks deal with that. We have our regularly scheduled sessions all day long , group sessions, individual sessions, that sort of stuff where people are encouraged to talk about how they’re feeling.”

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