Dixon Continues to Wait and Train

Dixon Continues to Wait and Train
Carlos Dixon is fighting at the Bourbon Hall in Louisville on January 12. (Source: United Pro Boxing)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It’s a different feeling when you walk into TKO Boxing. Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, a gym that’s normally full of potential boxers is down to one. WBC World Youth Champ, Carlos Dixon. “Yeah, we got to close down. I mean, people’s health is more important,” said Carlos’ dad and trainer, James Dixon. For Carlos, although the gym is empty, it’s just another day at the office. “At the end of the day, this is something I love to do. This is my job. This is what I do. You know, it’s just another day in the office for me," said Carlos Dixon.

In the business of boxing, you can receive a call to fight in a week’s time Meaning Carlos has to stay in shape regardless. “He could get the call as soon as this thing is over,” said James.

Every precaution you can imagine is taken in the gym. “Even before this, I would spray about two cans of disinfectant every week,” says Dixon boxing coach, Charlie Harp.

The good news is Carlos Dixon can still workout. So, he will be ready to fight whenever the time comes. The bad news is this is the way he makes a living, so with no fights, there’s no income. Dixon had a fight scheduled for next month in New York, but it has been cancelled, so now, it’s the waiting game. Getting a part-time job is now out of the equation if it comes to that. “I’m not beneath it at all. I’ve had a couple of jobs. It is what is. I’ll do anything for my family,” said Carlos. Carlos says he’s fine financially, but knows there are other fighters who are struggling. “Where I’m going, I’m fighting every two months. Sometimes every month and a half. There’s people that’s not fighting every four, five, six months,” said Carlos.

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