Truck drivers receiving assistance while continuing to work

Truck drivers receiving assistance while continuing to work

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - We know first responders and medical professionals are on the front lines dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. As shoppers continue to grab necessities, truck drivers continue to stay busy as they face some obstacles.

Drivers pass through multiple locations in the area, and depending on where they stop, food options may be limited or closed completely.

“Every one of these trucks out on the road probably, you really have no idea what’s in the back of them," truck driver John Wilson said.

It could be products that make their way to families’ kitchen tables. As demand from grocery stores continue, there are a lot of truckers climbing up and getting behind the wheel.

Truckers like John Wilson, who has been driving for fifteen years.

“It’s somewhat stressful. I feel like most of us feel like we’re doing a service a job that the nation depends on," Wilson said.

That’s why in some places, Wilson said small businesses and gas stations have been showing their gratitude.

“I walked in this morning. In general it’s three dollars to fill it up and they’re not charging,” Wilson said. “I literally saw a golf cart in South Carolina at a truck stop driving around with a big sign on the back that says free coffee.”

Wilson said the men and women on the road appreciate the support from the community.

“Some of us out here have to work ,and I personally we feel and most of us feel like we’re doing a service. Just try and stay safe use common sense and we will survive and get through this,” Wilson said.

Other offers for assistance have also come in for truck drivers. The Hodgenville Police Department has extended an offer helping truck drivers by picking up meals for them.

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