Thousands of meals handed out to families by Greater Clark County Schools

Thousands of meals handed out to families by Greater Clark County Schools

CHARLESTOWN, IN (WAVE) - Stronger together is a message being pushed in communities throughout WAVE Country during the COVID-19 crisis. Greater Clark County Schools matched actions to words while providing thousands of meals for families.

The meal distribution at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School was a beacon of light for families who need a little extra help during this crisis.

Food distribution organizer and Director of Transportation Chad Schenck took his focus from wheels to meals to help the thousands of students in Greater Clark County Schools.

As of now, Schenck said the district is out due to the coronavirus until May 1. That's why with a simple Google Docs signup sheet, Schenck said parents and teachers volunteered to help pack thousands of meals for families like the Langley's.

For Vincent Langley, it’s one of the few times, if any, that he’ll be outside.

"I’ve had cancer and what not,” said Langley as he picked up meals for his family. “I’m just afraid of it. I don’t need to get it because of my age.”

"I’ve been hoping he doesn’t leave the house for anything, but he came here for my mom,” said Dillon Langley, Vincent Langley’s 11-year-old son.

The families that pulled up to the elementary school left with five breakfast and five lunch meals for the week, and support from their community when they need it the most.

The locations for Greater Clark County School are listed below. Each site has different hours and meal combination based on the needs in the area.

  • Pleasant Ridge Elementary School in Charlestown
  • New Washington Elementary School in New Washington
  • Parkwood Elementary School in Clarksville
  • Bob Hedge Park in Jeffersonville
  • Mark Fetter Learning Center in Jeffersonville

Next week the district is adding locations at Maple Elementary and Spring Hill Elementary in Jeffersonville.

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