UofL’s Satterfield on coronavirus curveball

UofL’s Satterfield on coronavirus curveball
UofL head coach Scott Satterfield (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - UofL football should be finishing up spring practice with an open workout on Saturday at Cardinal Stadium. Instead, most of players have headed home and the coaches are at home watching film.

“Two things really, working out and what they’re putting in their bodies nutritionally, are things that you try to monitor,” UofL head coach Scott Satterfield said via video conference on Tuesday.

“A bunch of our guys have been sending videos in to our strength coach of them working out,” he added.

The Cards started spring practice earlier than most schools, so they did get seven practices in before spring break.

“We were very fortunate to be able to get seven practices in,” Satterfield said. “Just to get those seven was great for us. So many young players that showed up early here in January this semester, were able to get some good, quality work in, as well as the guys coming off our big bowl win.”

Satterfield has split time between Louisville and Boone, North Carolina, where his oldest son is a senior in high school.

“In North Carolina they’re saying that they’re not going back to school, at the earliest, until May 15, so that’s roughly two more months,” he said. “Particularly on your senior year, there’s a lot of things getting missed out on. When you think about your senior year, your prom, your graduation, all these things. You’ve just got to try to find the positives in it. We’ve been able to spend a lot more time together, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to spend that time, particularly if you’re in my situation where you’ve got a senior and a junior and sophomore, where they’re gonna be out of the house very soon. So this is actually very beneficial for us as a family to be able to spend some time together.”

He says that he has not even considered the possibility that the college football season could be postponed and that he’s looking forward to sharing the opening week spotlight with another big sporting event.

The Cards scheduled season opener in on Thursday, September 3, hosting NC State. Two days later, the top three-year-old’s will run for the roses under the twin spires at Churchill Downs in Kentucky Derby 146.

“It’s the start of football season and hopefully we’ve already been in camp, and we’ve had our camp and we’re getting ready to start the sports season back again,” he said. “Then you have one of the largest sports venues in the world with Churchill Downs kicking off that weekend with the Derby, I think, you know, what better place to be than Louisville, Kentucky, that week? I just think that it’ll be very exciting, one that will be very anticipated and hopefully all the people that are coming for the Derby, they’ll swing in by Cardinal Stadium that evening and watch us play before going to the Derby that weekend.”

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