ISP: Don’t believe social media fear over stay-at-home order

ISP: Don’t believe social media fear over stay-at-home order

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Now that Indiana’s stay-at-home order has gone into effect, law-enforcement authorities are warning residents not to fear everything they’re seeing on social media.

Indiana State Police officials said they want everyone to understand what it’s really about. They urged Hoosiers to trust local news and the Indiana government website, and not to fear what’s being circulated on social media.

“You are allowed to go out and take a walk, go to the parks take a run, that type of thing," ISP spokesman Sgt. Carey Huls said.

That’s exactly what WAVE 3 News found people doing around the Big Four Bridge in Jeffersonville on Wednesday.

“We had planned to come work out, so one of my co-workers looked it up to see what we could or could not do," Jeffersonville resident Gladys Carreiro said. "And they said as long as we were out in parks and we kept our distance, it was OK, so we decided to go ahead and still come.”

ISP said social distancing and common sense are the keys to the order.

“Obviously basic human needs, go get food, go to the doctor and you can go donate blood right now," Huls said. “That’s a big issue and that is an essential need.”

Going to the grocery for an essential trip, picking up food in a drive-through or restaurant or going to an essential job at a business like a grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, hospital, doctor’s office, police and fire stations and other public jobs like garbage pickup is all OK. Nurse Breanna Craig said she’s very happy Gov. Eric Holcomb called the stay-at-home order because it can only help what she’s been seeing.

“It’s a very scary situation, so I’ve seen it first-hand, and I know the effects, which is very scary, so I know it’s important for social distancing, stay away and stay safe," Craig said.

Added Jeffersonville resident Crystal Williams: “I think it’s necessary, especially if you’re going out to places where you’re going to be really in close contact with each other.”

The order is scheduled to last until at least April 6.

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