StormTALK! Weather Blog: Wednesday Edition

StormTALK! Wednesday

Fog/clouds on track to leave town for most areas this afternoon for a nice SPRING day!

Speaking of SPRING, latest data trends starting to support more sunshine for Thursday along with dry air and a gusty southwest wind. This tends to send our temperatures warmer than expected. It would not surprise me if we hit 80 degrees tomorrow.

Could we still hit it Friday or even Saturday? Yes. But there will be interruptions to those levels for some.

For example, a warm front will stall to our north Thursday night. A complex of severe t-storms will roll in along it from the west during the night. The t-storms will weaken but the batch of rain and clouds will likely survive all the way into Ohio. There is a risk the southern sections of this blog of rain could build more south toward the Ohio River. So don’t be surprised if you get a middle-of-the-night wake up call with thunder in southern Indiana. I do not see any severe weather at this point.

The clouds from this wave could linger across IN and N KY on Friday. Especially early in the day. It will be a warm day, clouds or not, but sun breaks will make the difference on highs around say 74 vs 80. I know, big difference :) Just trying to explain the finer details here.

The actual cold front is expected Saturday...but it may not arrive until Saturday night. That delay would buy us another warm day. Perhaps even to 80?!?

As far as severe weather, this low looks to slow down and become what we call “negatively tilted”. That tends to split up the lines of t-storms on the cold front. Any of those lines could be strong but there will also be some gaps to be taken advantage of here. And that is possible locally. It is too early to say for sure one of these strong t-storm bands will pass through so let’s just monitor this over the next few days.

Next week ....well. You’ll see on the video.

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