Trucking companies, drivers working hard to get products on shelves

Trucking companies, drivers trying to get products on shelves

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - While many Kentuckians have been out looking for food, paper towels and toilet paper, many of the country’s truck drivers are working to help us find those items during the coronavirus pandemic.

Louisville’s Pegasus Transportation and its 450 drivers are staying busy, especially with increased demand for grocery and pharmaceutical deliveries.

“We are seeing two and three times the volume from most of those customers right now,” Pegasus Transportation Director of Operations Austin Bildstein said.

With grocery store shelves empty, Pegasus is trying to help local stores stock back up and get both over-the-counter medicine and prescriptions to folks who need them.

“Our dispatch is just keeping us as busy as possible," Pegasus driver Brian Brasel said, adding that he’s thankful for the hours. Brasel also said at one recent delivery, people were so happy to see his truck coming that they treated him like a rock star.

“It makes you feel good that you are out there delivering for Americans to get groceries in for what they need for their family to provide for this tough time we’re going through," he said.

Working for another company, driver and former Louisvillian Eric Fors said he’s definitely seeing more fellow truckers on the road and fewer cars, as he’s getting supplies to restaurants busy providing drive-through service.

“I can tell you my fellow truck drivers and I are working very hard to be as safe and timely as possible.” Fors said. “I would say recently there’s been an uptick in the amount of freight."

Fors added that he is working the same amount of hours, but said that by going from one load to another, he’s “been keeping busy. It’s all about getting those things you know logistically to the points of sale, so I hope everybody will be kind to one another and be patient and we’ll get it to you.”

Drivers said they feel safe right now making their deliveries. They are using plenty of hand sanitizer, and dealing with a limited number of people during pickup and dropoff.

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