StormTALK! Weather Blog: Thursday Edition

StormTALK! Blog

While thunderstorms are in the forecast, the warm weather will be what everyone is talking about. Well, the second most-discussed.

So let’s discuss that part first...

TODAY: Good SW wind kicks in this afternoon. Passing areas of mid/high clouds will make a difference on +/- 4 degrees. In addition, a slower than expected dewpoint rise would actually increase actual temperatures by say a good 4 degrees. Overall, this means our numbers will vary by location but 70s are likely and 80 is reachable. It just took me three sentences to say it :)

FRIDAY: The risk to keep a mostly sky around is increasing. In addition, a spotty shower or t-storm can’t be ruled out. The previous idea that the risk would be higher for northern sections near the front still applies but we need to move that zone a bit more south into northern KY. There is a risk for a few gusty/strong t-storms cells with mainly a hail threat as well, but it remains unclear if coverage will even be enough for SPC to put a low-end risk for the area. We’ll see how it trends.

SATURDAY: The cold front continues to slow down in the data trends ...aiming toward Saturday evening or even overnight. In addition, the “broken squall-line” idea continues to hold with the southern piece closer to TN likely to be the lead line. So yes, it is entirely possible this front passes through and some of you don’t get a drop. While a few of you could pick up a strong t-storm. We’ll watch it. This delay does mean a warm day. We will likely start the day off near 70 degrees with a good signal that we can cross 80 degrees in the afternoon. It will be windy as well. The record high of 87 looks safe :)

No doubt this warm/windy setup will really kick up the allergies. Keep the meds handy!!!

A wetter and much cooler setup next week.

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