Videos show large groups of teens fighting in Louisville during coronavirus crisis

Videos show large groups of teens fighting in Louisville during coronavirus crisis

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It’s a different type of coronavirus concern, as teens are home from school and people are out of work.

There are now videos of groups of teens fighting in Louisville showing up on social media.

Some videos from Wednesday depict a brawl outside of Indie’s on Broadway in downtown Louisville, right across from TARC.

The videos show a large crowd of people, many of them seemingly young, gathering around in the middle of the afternoon.

Then, the beating begins -- one woman was dragged, another woman body slammed, then kicked as she lay on the ground.

You can hear cars honking in the background, but no police in sight.

“This is a war zone,” one woman said in the video.

The fighting continued for several minutes as people start kicking the woman’s car and ripping her license plate off.

Another video showed three men jumping on the woman’s car, shattering her back windshield.

A woman is heard saying, “her baby is in the car.”

One cellphone video showed the same woman who was body slammed taking a baby out of the backseat. It’s unclear if the baby was hurt by the glass.

The woman then took the baby inside of Indie’s.

Five and half minutes into one video, officers finally arrived.

LMPD told WAVE 3 News a report was taken, but no one was arrested. They said they discourage any type of gathering because of the current health risks.

Metro Council President David James said he worries that with teens out of school, this will become an issue for LMPD.

This hasn't been the only recent incident on social media.

Just days ago, another series of videos showed up, again showing teens fighting, this time at the Waterfront in front of the Big Four Bridge.

“We’re aware of a couple of them,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said. “I’m not sure how rampant it is, but of course we would be concerned.”

WAVE 3 News asked LMPD about these types of incidents and their concerns. The department said officers are continuing to respond to calls for assistance or fights, and asked that people call 911 as soon as possible if they see any dangerous situation.

Fischer added parents need to step up.

“I would ask every parent to know where your child is,” he said. “That’s part of your responsibility.”

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