Indiana’s Royer Corp. creates protective face shields for healthcare workers

Indiana’s Royer Corp. creates protective face shields for healthcare workers
Masks created by the Royer Corporation
Masks created by the Royer Corporation (Source: Royer Corporation)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As the restaurant and the entertainment industries have had to close or change their business drastically this month because of the coronavirus pandemic, other businesses are trying to find ways to keep their doors open.

"I feel like folks in our lifetime, we have never experienced anything like this," Tom Seaver, Royer Corporation Director of Sales and Marketing, said.

Royer Corporation, located in Madison, Indiana, is a custom injection molding manufacturer and supplier. The family-owned company, since 1977, works with companies worldwide in the hospitality and restaurant industries. They are well-known for their creative cocktail picks and swizzle sticks.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has had to adjust their focus.

"It just made perfect sense for us to do something like this and it not only helps the heroes on the front-line in the medical industry, it helps us keep our people working," Seaver said.

About a week ago, the company started brainstorming how they could help during the pandemic.

“When we met, we just thought collectively, ‘We have to do something.' Anything we can do to help this situation,” Seaver said. “And especially those folks on the front-lines that are battling this virus. We have to do something.”

The team of engineers, managers and operators came up with a protective face shield, using the supplies they had in house and materials from existing vendors.

"They went to work quickly and came up with these mock ups," Seaver said. "And we quickly got them to area hospitals and nursing homes. They tested them out and they loved them. So I'm impressed with how quickly it's gone and we're continuing to offer it to more and more folks."

Since then, they’ve made about 50,000 face shields for local hospitals, like Kings Daughters Hospital, and nursing homes.

“We currently have a deal in place with the state of Indiana,” Seaver told WAVE 3 News. “We’re going to be offering, supplying thousands of these masks to the National Guard. And as I mentioned, we’re in talks with a number of regional hospitals and nursing homes, not just around the Madison area but the greater Louisville, greater Cincinnati and greater Indianapolis. We’re doing our best to get the word out.”

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