StormTALK! Weather Blog: Monday Update

StormTALK! Weather Blog Update

After a busy few days with active weather, we will calm things down this week. That doesn’t exactly mean perfect spring weather but there will be a few days to enjoy.

Today could be one of them if you don’t mind the strong breeze at times.

Wednesday and Thursday will feature more clouds and cooler weather. We will have a southern system passing by so there will be a rain chance involved. With it being a “southern” system we will remain on the cooler side which means no severe thunderstorms. In fact, some of you may not even pick up rain out of this wave. There will be dry air eating away on its northern edge so questions remain if the rain can fall all the way up to say I-64. We will keep the risk in there for now but certainly the chances go up the closer you get to the TN border. With the clouds and possible showers, temperatures will be much cooler in the 40s and 50s.

The cool/cloudy setup may be slow to leave us on Thursday.

Friday into the weekend will feature a cold front moving our way. This front will battle a strong high pressure setup locally. So the question here will be much of the front will survive to give us some rain? Current thinking is, not much.

It will at least warm up into the weekend.

The pattern will start to turn more active again next week with rain and thunderstorms.

So let’s enjoy the setup this weekend, even if it can be “yucky” at times with some chilly showers.

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