SuperATV in Southern Indiana switches gears to help in fight against COVID-19

SuperATV in Southern Indiana switches gears to help in fight against COVID-19

MADISON, Ind. (WAVE) - SuperATV in Madison, Indiana, is focused on their customers’ love of being outdoors and going off-roading.

“We try to have a lot of fun at work,” Jay King, SuperATV’s managing director, told WAVE 3 News. “We build all the aftermarket parts for UTVs and accessories to build up their machines and just make them perform a lot better.”

When the coronavirus hit Indiana, the company decided to switch gears and find a new path to help.

“Our company started just taking an approach of, ‘What’s the right way to do things?’” King said. “And we created better parts. Well, now we’re creating a safer part, if you will.”

SuperATV is creating shields that they call ‘Clearly Safer Shields.’ They are made out of 1/4” polycarbonate, which is the same material used to make side-by-side wind shields. The hard-coated material makes them easy to clean and sanitize.

In the last week or so, they’ve made thousands of them for essential businesses and delivered them to more than a dozen local Jefferson County, Indiana, businesses to try out.

“So what we did was, we converted our clear windshield line to produce a clear barrier for your check-out experience,” King explained. “So that your employee can be behind this, safely behind this and not be at risk if someone coughs or sneezes in their direction.”

Hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, and even the post office, are now equipped with another tool to stop the spread.

“We had it designed and started taking it out into the local community,” King said. “So our local hospital has been equipped with these. We have several businesses around town from restaurants where they had converted their business to take out and they still have to take the customers money at the counter.”

Employees are working around the clock and have the capacity right now to make 48,000 shields.

“We wanted to take something out there into the community and try to help fight this virus,” King said. “If we can slow this down by putting a piece of polycarbonate between a customer and a person putting themselves at risk, that’s just the right thing to do.”

To purchase one of the ‘Clearly Safer Shields’ or to learn more about them, click or tap here.

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