Louisville photographers join in on ‘Front Steps Project’ benefiting local charities

Louisville photographers join in on ‘Front Steps Project’ benefiting local charities

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As the community tries to get used to this time of social distancing and being healthy at home, some local photographers want to highlight that from a safe distance.

Inspired by a photographer from Massachusetts, friends Kate Vogel from Kate Maree Photography and Amy Hoemeke from Amy Jayne Photography are taking pictures of families in front of their homes from a distance as a part of the Front Steps Project.

“Even though we are used to photographing happy memories and things like that, this is a big part of our life right now,” Vogel told WAVE 3 News. “And you’re creating the memories whether it’s good or bad and we’re documenting a time in history right now.”

The two posted online asking people to sign up with their contact information and neighborhood. In about a week and a half, the two have split up and photographed about 225 families, and that number keeps growing.

“We were quite overwhelmed with the response,” Hoemeke said. “Each night there is like 200 more requests for us to come to their neighborhood. So we are absolutely trying to expand and get everywhere we can.”

Families participating are creative with their photos, using props like guitars, toilet paper, dressing up or wearing pajamas.

With pets, guitars, and coveted toilet paper, have photos taken is a nice change of pace for families.

High school senior Noah Hinkle didn't envision a pandemic would happen during his senior year.

"I'm bummed out," Hinkle said. "But I can still talk to my friends through social media so it's like we're still together."

When his parents said they would be participating in the Front Steps Project as a family, Hinkle said it was the perfect break to stop watching Marvel movies.

"Yeah made me actually change clothes for once yeah and come outside," Hinkle said.

Krista Aldred said this drastic change of pace has been rough on her and her family, too.

'This is a very sociable neighborhood," Aldred said. "School is in the middle of the neighborhood, so many kids. So when [my kids] see their friends out riding their bike it's hard for them. They don't understand yet."

She said thinking of this time as "safe at home" is an important mindset. She said she's grateful for what Vogel and Hoemeke are doing for families.

"You know it's the first thing that's happened in about 6 weeks, so we decided why not!" Aldred said.

Vogel and Hoemeke are asking families for donations in exchange for the photos. The money families donate will go to local charities Love City Inc, Maryhurst and The Team Kentucky Fund.

"These [charities] are big for our community," Hoemeke said. "These are things that are being hit hard and that need money and supplies to stay afloat when everything is essentially shut down so it's important to give back."

If your family would like photographers to come to your neighborhood, click or tap here.

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