GLI seeks exit strategy from economic quarantine

GLI seeks exit strategy from economic quarantine

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Just weeks ago, one of Louisville’s most persistent challenges in economic growth was finding enough qualified workers to take all the available jobs. The economic challenges ahead are unfamiliar and unanticipated.

Greater Louisville Inc (GLI) is inviting business leaders to talk about how to take the local economy from life support to recovery by participating in a “Renewal Task Force.”

“It is critically important that we work together to emerge from this crisis united and prepared to resume economic activity immediately,” GLI President Sarah Davasher-Wisdom said in a letter to possible participants. “As an influential leader in our community, we would greatly appreciate your leadership and expertise by becoming part of this task force.”

GLI is asking for ideas on how to craft an “exit strategy” for emerging from quarantine.

“Cash flow,” One Southern Indiana President Wendy Dant Chesser said. “Businesses that may have had cash to operate on just fine a month ago are now looking at those resources being depleted. And they're going to want to make investments to start up, to keep their staff, keep their businesses flowing. And cash flow's going to be a challenge.”

Davasher-Wisdom said GLI will be looking at the experience of New Orleans as that city brought its economy back to life after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The first virtual meeting of the task force is scheduled for April 16.

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