Interested in learning ASL? Here are some links to get you started

Interested in learning ASL? Here are some links to get you started

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - If you watch Governor Andy Beshear’s daily 5 pm updates on the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve undoubtedly seen American Sign Language interpreter Virginia Moore as she brings the Governor’s message to Kentucky’s deaf community.

The National Association for the Deaf’s website states that individual signs are relatively easy to learn, but learning enough signs for basic communication can take some time - a year or more. ASL is a language with its own unique rules of grammar and syntax.

You can begin by taking an ASL class. These are offered at community colleges and universities, libraries, churches and more.

If you would like to learn some signs for yourself, here are some helpful links to get you started.

List complied by the National Association for the Deaf

  • Apps for Learning ASL ASDC suggestions to support family learning of ASL.
  • The ASL App (ASL for the People), is about teaching conversational ASL. It includes over 1,000 signs and phrases for adults as well as ASL with Care Bears for kids to learn ASL.
  • ASL Apps List from the New Mexico School for the Deaf List of apps to teach signing developed at the New Mexico School for the Deaf.  It includes apps for children, adults, and low vision/blind children, to teach the manual alphabet and support literacy, and books to download.
  • Four ASL apps links you to four popular apps to learn ASL: iASL, ASL Pro, Sign 4 Me, and ASL Dictionary
  • Marlee Signs highlights video demonstrations of Marlee Matlin teaching the basics of ASL, including the signed alphabet, basic vocabulary, and common expressions in everyday life.
  • VL2 Storybook Apps, developed by the Visual Language Visual Learning Center (VL2) at Gallaudet, providing interactive stories in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English.
  • ASL Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children Book and DVD to guide hearing families in learning ASL
  • ASL Connect is an online resource for learning American Sign Language and Deaf Studies. ASL Connect provides both free and paid learning content, as well as language learning services designed for businesses and families.
  • ASL Deafined is a subscription-based website provides ASL video lessons. The content is for anyone who wishes to learn ASL, regardless of age. It has been designed to instruct deaf students, parents of deaf children, and the community-at-large. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Nationally certified interpreters teach all lessons.

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