Social distancing changes enforced at Kroger

Social distancing changes enforced at Kroger

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - There’s been a lot of changes in Americans’ daily lives, and people should be expecting more, especially during shopping trips.

At Kroger, signage will be posted directing customers to the other end of the store, where the monitored entrance is. While waiting in line, there are markers people have to stand on.

Shoppers like Bonnie and Frank Lichtefeld did not have this in mind when they planned their trip to the grocery store on Tuesday.

“We’re here to pick up a prescription mainly, which I usually do through the drive-through, but since we’re here, thought we’d pick up a few items that we do need,” Frank Lichtenfeld told WAVE 3 News. “I don’t know if we’re going to get in or not."

Kroger employees had walkie talkies that allowed them to talk to one another from separate entrances, keeping tabs on who was coming in and who was leaving the store.

“I think we’ve just got to get used to the fact that things are going change for a while,” customer Steve Ullum said.

He said having the strict distancing enforced even in public brings some sense of relief as a parent of his young daughter, Kylie.

“It’s different because kids touch everything. That’s the nature of kids," he said. “Now you find yourself constantly watching them and saying, ‘Don’t touch!’ Telling a nine-year-old that, it’s difficult."

After Frank Lichtefeld went to get his medication, while his wife was inside, he did his part and waited outside so others could get in.

“It’ll all work out like [Governor] Andy [Beshear] says. We’ll get through this,” Lichtefeld insisted.

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