StormTALK! Tuesday Edition

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While we will have some dry time along with warm temperatures, we need to watch the radar carefully all the way into Wednesday night.

REST OF TODAY: It looks mainly overcast and warm. Any lengthy sun breaks will only warm us up even more into the 80s. The risk for a t-storm to pop looks quite low.

TONIGHT: Tracking some “big hailers” up into IN/OH later this afternoon and evening. These t-storm cells were merge into a line that will look like an arrow pointing toward WV. The main part of that should miss us to the east with the more damaging wind threat. However, the western side could impact parts of southern IN and N KY. Timing of this looks to be after 2am and it could even get delayed until 6am. Just depends on the angle/speed of the main complex. We’ll be watching it.

WEDNESDAY: We start off the morning with that t-storm risk from the pre-dawn hours. One thing I am watching is that this wave could leave a “tail” behind over KY that could develop more t-storms in the afternoon. If that indeed is the case, some could quickly turn severe. This is a big “if” of course as there is a risk that clouds from the morning t-storms linger longer than planned and therefore keep a lid on things into the afternoon. We will know soon enough.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The main line pushes in with a cold front. Depending on the above setup, there will be a risk for a squall-line of t-storms to roll in after 8 or even 10pm. Any afternoon t-storms/showers would help reduce this threat.

As you can see, this is a cause and effect setup so we have to take this one step at a time. Let’s hope we miss all of the “risks”. We don’t need anything else on our plates.

Stay close to the forecast updates!

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