Mack is back in town, updates status of signee Jay Scrubb

Mack is back in town, updates status of signee Jay Scrubb

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - UofL men’s head basketball coach Chris Mack is back in Louisville after two weeks in Florida. He and his family are self-quarantining in Prospect.

“Walking around in your shorts and a t-shirt all day doesn’t put you in a frame of mind to be productive, in my opinion," Mack said. “I’ve tried to get up every morning and make my Dunkin Donuts coffee, thankfully we have a Keurig here and then go right to this office. I close this door and I come in this office and I generally don’t leave except to get something to eat at lunch.”

Mack’s top signee for 2020 is junior college star Jay Scrubb. The Trinity High School graduate announced a few weeks ago that he plans to go through the NBA Draft process. It’s a process with plenty of unknowns in lieu of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s my job to collect as much information as I can for Jay, so that he, his dad and the people that care about him make the best decision that they can,” Mack said. “I’ll be supportive of it either way, but you know it’s very preliminary.”

The Cards got a commitment from Radford grad transfer Carlik Jones on Sunday night. Jones was the Big South Conference Player of the Year. He averaged a 20 points a game last season. Since Jones has not officially enrolled at UofL, Mack cannot comment on him.

“We can’t have more than 12 scholarships for this upcoming year, based on the scholarships that the program had to give back before our staff got here and so we’re sitting right now, as I count them, at 11. We have one scholarship to give and our intent is to try to bring in a guy that can help us in the front court, particularly at the center position.”

Mack has been friends with publisher and WAVE 3 News contributor Jody Demling for years. Demling covered Christi Hester Mack when she starred at Holy Cross in the 90′s. So the news that Demling is hospitalized, in intensive care, with COVID-19 hit the Mack’s hard.

“It hit our family hard, you know my kids know Jody, so it became really, really personal. This pandemic that we see covered by 24/7 news stations, social media and all this stuff, I mean it’s one thing to know about it, but when you actually find out someone that’s very close to you that has it, man it really makes you take a step back and just be very appreciative and also in a lot of prayer to make sure that he comes through on the right end of this. So, yeah it was a shock,” Mack said.

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