Woman who visited pop up coronavirus testing site tests positive for the virus

Woman who visited pop up Coronavirus testing site tests positive for the virus

LOUISVILLE KY (WAVE) - A woman who went through a coronavirus pop up testing site confirms she is positive for COVID-19.

"Just breathing is a fight" Shannon Wilson says in a Facebook live video she took while going through the site.

Wilson was desperate for a test after feeling like she couldn't breathe.

"This is the worst thing," she sobs in the video. "I mean the worst thing."

Wilson drove to a pop up testing site in Shelby Park run by Community Outreach Marketing Group, or COMG, out of Chicago. After charging her flex pay account $240, they tell her the results will take a couple of days.

"In two to three days you'll get the results," the site employee told her.

Fast forward to seven days and Wilson gets an email from them confirming what a subsequent test from Baptist Health told her too, she was positive for COVID-19.

"I've been on a roller coaster since this whole thing started," Wilson said.

She is feeling a bit better now, but Wilson's feelings towards COMG haven't swayed.

"You're changing lives, you're damaging lives," she said. "You're hurting people."

Knowing she is positive has made her worry even more for the person who got swabbed right after her, that's because Wilson says, the person who took her swab, didn't even change her gloves.

She was also shocked to read on her test results from the pop up site that she'd gotten a Nasopharyngeal swab, meaning through the nose according to the CDC, because she was tested orally, as shown in her Facebook video. While at one point the CDC was acknowledging oral swabs for COVID-19 testing, the more accurate testing is done through nasal swabs.

The FBI told WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters they have their eyes on possible scams and said the good ones have some level of legitimacy. In swabbing cases, it comes down to how things are billed to providers like Medicare or Medicaid. Wilson says she hopes anyone taking advantage of COVID-19 patients should be stopped.

"To know that people are out there, taking advantage of sick people with a disease that could possibly kill them is unconscionable to me," she said.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron told WAVE 3 News he was getting ready to shut the site down last week if they opened again.

Louisville Metro Council President David James and Council member Barbara Sexton Smith helped create an order requiring coronavirus testing sites get a license with the city. The order would also allow the city’s department of health to inspect them.

The CEO of COMG previously told WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters his business has been given a bad name, and that they were only trying to help people by providing tests for those who couldn’t get one elsewhere.

Their attorney also said they are a legitimate business providing tests for people, not a scam. He denied having any knowledge of questionable practices described by Wilson and James, like the swabbers not changing their gloves.

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