StormTALK! Weather Blog: Friday Update

StormTALK! Weather Blog

It is all good for this Good Friday with LOTS of sunshine. We will have a chilly wind but the sun will certainly help. Frost/Freeze alerts are up for tonight as we take on the combination of those clear skies along with a much lighter, if not calm, wind.

Saturday is more of an “iffy” day. Not as much sun but not a completely overcast day either. Only spotty showers or drizzle expected as we reach back into the 60s.

It will become overcast Saturday night as a warm front pushes in. A few showers will be possible as well.

Easter Sunday is the day that much of the TN Valley and Deep South will be swamped with severe weather warnings. This looks to be a tornado outbreak for parts of the Deep South. For WAVE Country? We are in that zone of strong wind fields but much less in the way of fuel compared to those to our south. Which will help in taming our threat. However, even “heavy showers” passing through can push some of those wind gusts down to the ground level. So we still need to watch it over the next couple of days. We certainly don’t want any fuel added to the area so hopefully that will remain on the lower-end. Main timing of concern looks to be after sunset once again through the pre-dawn hours of Monday. But that is just an early take as that window will keep evolving.

Just stay close to the forecast into the weekend as it will change several times as we get those finer-details we just can’t have in our hands this early.

Happy Easter!

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