Storm/SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Tuesday Update

Storm/SnowTALK! Tuesday

Some wintry weather to talk about rather than severe thunderstorms, which I am sure is fine with say 80% of you :)

Some drizzle/flurries around today as cold air is in place. The lower layers of the atmosphere are quite dry so that is the reason the precipitation will light and in some cases, won’t even make it to the ground.

This setup along with clouds does keep temperatures down so many of you will only see highs in the 40s.

Skies are expected to clear tonight and that will likely set the stage for a freeze for most locations. Louisville’s record low is actually a bit higher than most of our record lows in the books for early/mid 30 degrees. That is reachable but it appears we will drop to just above that level in the city.

Another front moves in later Wednesday that will have a narrow band of rain showers mix with ice pellets. We will at least have a good chance to climb into the 50s before it moves in.

There is a risk for another light freeze or frost by early Thursday morning, however, cloud cover is a bit uncertain right now for high confidence in that. We’ll watch it.

The video will focus on the above plus the latest trends into the weekend as well.

Stay warm and stay safe!

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