No crowds protesting at Kentucky capitol Thursday; Protests expected Friday

No crowds protesting at Kentucky capitol Thursday; Protests expected Friday

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Barricades and Kentucky State Police surrounded the Kentucky capitol Thursday, following a protest there during Governor Beshear’s press conference Wednesday.

Caution tape was set up around the lawn in the front of the capitol building to keep protesters from gathering.

On Thursday, there were few protesters at the capitol during Beshear’s daily update. The majority of people around the capitol were KSP troopers and media members.

One man named Bob from Louisville told WAVE 3 News he saw videos from the protest, and couldn’t believe people were trying to disturb what the governor was saying.

“It was unbelievable that people would ignore the danger of this disease or can’t comprehend it or think that because it has never had anything like this in our generation it’s really not that bad, because it couldn’t happen to us,” he said.

Another man, Glen, from Lexington, was also there Thursday. He made a sign in hopes to join protesters. He said he’s concerned how the government has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thirty-eight thousand people died during the flu last year,” he said. “Sixty-one thousand the year before that. It’s unprecedented, the response. We’ve never shut everything down. Never shut the schools and churches down. This has never happened before. The response, it’s never happened before.”

Governor Andy Beshear said he has no problem with people’s rights to support or protest, but he wants them to follow social distancing rules.

“Our goal by tomorrow is to set up a method where people can safely and per social distancing can express their opinion here at the capitol,” Beshear said.

He also said his staff is working to soundproof the press room.

In a statement, Dr. Steven Stack said he asked Kentucky State Police to “provide an alternate option that will allow people to demonstrate safely while also practicing social distancing on capitol grounds.”

Dr. Stack said a drive-in and drive-thru option will be available on the top floor of the parking garage.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack released the following statement on in-person mass gatherings at the Capitol during #COVID19.

Posted by Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services on Thursday, April 16, 2020

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