When will sports return, and will there be fans in the stands?

When will sports return, and will there be fans in the stands?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - We all miss it, but we still don't know when sports will return and if you listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, it sounds like we might not be stands anytime soon.

"There's a way of doing that, nobody comes to the stadium, put them in big hotels, wherever you want play, keep them very well survielled, namely a surveillance, but have them tested every week," Dr. Fauci said on "Good Luck America" with host Peter Hamby.

Louisville Bats manager Pat Kelly knows that big changes are ahead.

"You know things are gonna change once we are allowed to leave our houses and be able to do stuff, I don't think it's gonna be the norm for awhile," Kelly said.

So yes, the games could come back without the fans, something those in college and pro sports struggle with.

"It's hard because the game is fan driven," Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Jamon Brown said. "It's not only player driven, it's fan driven. That's kind of what makes the game the game is the atmosphere that the fans bring."

"I don't forsee games in the stadiums without fans, I just don't," UofL vice president of athletics Vince Tyra said. "I think the more we've learned since that decision, or consideration of having basketball tournament games in the arena without fans, to where we are today, I really think that health officials will make those decisions, not the leaders in the athletic world."

Kelly added, "whether they'll have crowds and then whether they'll allow people to actually sit next each other, whether they'll be spaced apart."

Baseball would be easier to pull off, the players are usually socially distanced, but there is still just one ball. Football is much more physical, and it's hard to see it coming back without more testing, and then there's the issue of making sure the players have enough preparation time and are in good enough condition to play a game.

"For my guys and what I've heard and what I see every single day, I'm good with four to six weeks," UofL strength and conditioning coach Mike Sirignano said. "They know they're gonna come back here when we can come back here and we'll be able to get into that football shape that we need to get into for Saturdays."

Hopefully all that testing gets on track sooner rather than later cause I think I speak for us all, we miss the distraction of sports and we certainly miss pulling for all of our favorite teams.

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