StormTALK! Weather Blog: Tuesday Update

Updated: Apr. 21, 2020 at 8:27 AM EDT
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We have about 3 out of the next 9 days to squeeze out some dry time outside with temperatures that will be comfortable. And I am including today, although that wind will have a chilly bite to it later.

The other two days we can enjoy the outdoors: Wednesday & Friday. The rest will feature some type of active setup with rain.

THURSDAY: We will be on the northern side of a low pressure that is going to kick up rain for us, severe thunderstorms for the Deep South once again. With us being on the northern side, the rain bands will be the heaviest on the outer rings of the main low. This is one of those setups where training of rain bands can put down .50-1.00″ of rain while the center portion of the track only picks up .25″. We still have some time to gauge how these bands will play out across WAVE Country but at this point, plan on a washout for Thursday.

SATURDAY: The next low pressure will be different for a couple of reasons. It will be moving in from the west instead of passing to our south. And it will actually get stronger while passing through WAVE Country. That will enhance the rainfall and the wind speeds in general. At this time, fuel looks limited to avoid severe thunderstorms/tornadoes. Let’s hope that stays that case. The low will take its sweet time leaving us so the clouds and rain (much lighter) will likely linger into Sunday as well. Not the best of weekends shaping up here.

The video will cover both of these systems in more detail along with a preview into next week as well.

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