Beshear reveals what needs to happen for Ky. businesses to reopen

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear(WAVE 3 News)
Updated: Apr. 22, 2020 at 12:57 AM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WAVE) - Governor Andy Beshear is laying out more of what he wants to see for Kentucky businesses to open.

The plan, called Healthy at Work, relies on the Kentucky Department of Public Health to determine whether benchmarks are met that are based on the White House’s Guidelines for Reopening America.

“So we want our businesses thinking about this and getting ready. And here are a couple of things that I want to throw out there that they need to consider, and put in actual plans, because these are within some of the white house’s plans and some of our guidelines,” Beshear said. “How will you socially distance and what will it look like? Now there are no waiting rooms anymore that just brings people together as one example. Telework should continue with everyone that can telework. Temperature checks, how you handle asymptomatic employees. Testing and contact tracing. What your ability to do that is supplementing the states ability. Sanitation, closing of common areas, limitation of travel, phased returns and accommodations for at risk populations.”

The steps include declining case rates and raising test capabilities, which would launch phase two.

Businesses now closed would submit proposals online explaining their ability to provide employees with provisions such as temperature scans, cloth face masks, hand sanitizer and minimal close contact between workers.

Beshear’s chief of staff Latasha Buckner Chief said, “We want to make sure you have something in mind for people who are in vulnerable populations. Those are special accommodations for those with chronic disease, elderly, immunocompromised. How are you going to report your positives? Do you have a plan for sick leave, quarantining employees?”

Bucker said masking employees is important.

“Something that’s going to be super important is masking employees. And if you are front forward facing having masks for customers as well. It’s going to be a phase in report. We want to make sure that where you can you are teleworking and limiting outside travel for your business as well. Less face-to-face meetings and we are all going to be working together on this to find the best way and not the quickest way.”

“Doing this right isn’t just about safety, but that’s our number one concern. It’s also the right thing for the economy. Avoiding a second spike will restore our economy faster. And a second spike will cause significant damage to any business or any industry if there is a widespread outbreak, especially among their employees,” she added.

The form online for businesses trying to reopen includes a questionnaire and asks for a PDF business plan. More information can be found here.

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