Floyd County Little League finds silver lining despite pandemic

Delay of season means time for improvements at Floyd County Little League

FLOYDS KNOBS, IN. (WAVE) - Area little league baseball of course is on hold. They’ve been playing baseball at Floyd County Little League now for over 50 years. With the postponement of the games, that League has been able to make some valuable changes.

The crack of the bat. the sound sports fans miss across the country, however, for Floyd County Little League the absence of play has brought about a positive.

“We’ve taken this opportunity to try to do some things around the ballpark that we ordinarily wouldn’t have the time to,” said league vice president, Svend Jansen.

Everything you can imagine has been addressed, from resurfacing fields, installing new lights,upgrading the bathrooms, and installing WiFi.

“Spectrum’s coming the beginning of May to install WiFi. That will be an improvement that people will see,” said Jansen.

The good news is they still have plenty of time to get those last little details done here at the park. The bad new is they have no idea when they will be able to show off their new digs.

“So, May 11th is the date that’s been put out there by Little League International, and so, from there it will be a situation where we have to work with the state and local governments to figure out what the plan is. You know, May 11th probably isn’t realistic as far as getting games started,” said Jansen.

Floyd County Little League was supposed to host the district tournament this year, but that’s now on hold, but best believe, whenever opening day does happen, they will be ready.

“Come opening night, it will be a big celebration done the right way, and I think there will be some changes for sure that people will see,” said Jansen.

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