StormTALK! Weather Blog: Monday Update

StormTALK! Weather Blog

After a gloomy weekend, today is going to seem fantastic :)

And I feel like I have said this many times lately, but “enjoy it”...rain is coming back.

There will be (4) types of rain events this week

(1) Light rain showers develop late tonight into Tuesday. Very spotty showers and mainly north. We can still get some sun breaks thrown in.

(2) Fading squall-line. This will be the “leftovers” of a line of thunderstorms in the Midwest that will move toward our area late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. There is even some data supporting them putting the braking on completely before fading out. We’ll watch it.

(3) New development of scattered showers and thunderstorms Wednesday. Any heating will move the rain category from “showers" to “thunderstorms”. It will be fairly cold aloft so some hail may fall with some of the stronger cells.

(4) Light rain and drizzle with a chilly flow of air on Thursday.

Then we return to some sunshine and warmer weather on Friday. See, this won’t be too bad, right?!?! :)

The video explains it all in more detail...

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