Doctors: Universal use of masks is best to keep from spreading germs

Updated: Apr. 28, 2020 at 6:03 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Hospital leaders are saying as restrictions ease up and we venture out into our daily routines, wearing a mask may be part of that routine.

Medical professionals all wear masks to prevent the spread of any germs or illnesses.

"The gift that keeps on giving, in this case, that’s COVID-19,” said Dr. Ruth Carrico, University of Louisville, Professor of Infectious Disease.

As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, so do the safety guidelines. Monday, Governor Andy Beshear said anyone who is in public must wear a mask.

"Masks are mainly to filter out everything that you're breathing in and out,” Dr. Chuck Anderson, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President at Baptist Health said. “The way were using our masks right now, if I cough or sneeze I'm protecting you.”

Dr. Anderson says while masks are a form of a physical barrier, there are still guidelines people need to follow while wearing them.

“[Germs] will be on the outside,” Dr. Anderson said. “The more that you touch the top, you’re contaminating your fingers, then when you touch something, and touch your eyes it's going to be something not good."

Dr. Carrico said it's vital for people follow these steps. Healthcare professionals should use medical grade masks. People who aren’t in healthcare and don’t have access to surgical masks, you can equip yourself with any type of cloth masks.

"This is a time to think about everybody's safety nobody likes what were going through,” Dr. Carrico said. “We would like it even less if someone in our family became ill. Think about the decisions you made and how they impact others. Care for each other, as much as we are caring for ourselves."

As a reminder, doctors say cloth masks should be washed after each use. Surgical masks should be tossed out and replaced after each use.

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