StormTALK! Weather Blog: Friday Update

StormTALK! Weather Blog

Welcome to MAY!

Last year Oaks Day started off with heavy rain with a much improved setup in the afternoon with a high of 77 degrees. Today would have been perfect, of course. As of now, Oaks Day 2020 will be on September 4th. Louisville reached 93 degrees on that day last year but we know Labor Day weekend can feature cool spells at times too. We shall see :)

In the short-term, we’ll enjoy a nice setup today with highs in the lower 70s. A front will tease the area on Saturday across the north, leaving the rest of us alone. This still looks to be a day with many 80 degree temperatures. If we pick up enough sunshine, some could get closer to 85 for highs. Again, areas to our far north will run the risk for a few t-storms.

That front will drop down Sunday. We look to start the morning off with showers/thunderstorms across southern IN. Those will likely fade in the midday period ...only to re-develop across Kentucky in the afternoon. These setups mean temperatures are going to vary depending on the timing of the first round fading and when the new ones pop. 80 degree highs are reachable but clouds will be around as well so that may keep us in the 70s. Either way, warm. There is still a question of severe weather on Sunday and that will depend on the timing of what I just mentioned as well. It is a low-end risk but not zero either. Just be weather aware Sunday.

Next week: We get another brief break Monday before another system moves in Tuesday with rain/thunderstorms. Some of those could be strong as well but the data is varying quite a bit on that narrative right now.

Another wave drops in with cooler showers Wednesday.

Then YET ANOTHER front moves in by Friday next week. It is this last front that is showing a strong kick to it. It may lead to a chilly Mother’s Day weekend and perhaps even a frost threat. It is still early on that outlook but just giving you gardeners out there a heads up.

Be safe! I’ll see you guys again May 11th!

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