Mother warns of coronavirus after daughter tests positive without symptoms

A Louisville woman says if you aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously, you should.
Updated: May. 13, 2020 at 5:29 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville woman says if you aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously, you should. Megan White was shocked to learn that her daughter tested positive for the coronavirus because her daughter hasn’t shown any of the typical symptoms.

White watches Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s daily press conference.

"Everyday when I watch Andy people are bashing this whole thing," White said.

White says she understands that people, businesses, the economy are suffering. But, she shared something about her daughter on the WAVE 3 News Facebook page, hoping people would understand a little more about this virus.

"We had no clue," White said, "we wouldn't have had a clue."

Last week, White took her four year old daughter to a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site in Louisville because her daughter was supposed to have oral surgery.

"Because they were going to put her under sedation and the coronavirus impacts the respiratory system, they had to have her tested for the coronavirus," White said. "I got a phone call that she tested positive. I was completely shocked."

White was shocked because her daughter was asymptomatic.

"She has no symptoms at all," White said. "We had no idea. We wouldn't have any idea had she not been tested. I had been doing what I thought I should. I wear my mask when I go to the grocery store. I don't take her to the grocery store with me unless I absolutely have to, unless there is nobody here to watch her. When I take her with me she has her little mask too."

"Many children who get infected with SARS COVID-2, the virus that causes COVID, may have no symptoms or they may have really mild cold symptoms," Dr. Kris Bryant from Norton Children's Medical Group said. "Even though kids don't get very sick, they can transmit the infection to others. So let's keep kids at home."

White and her daughter are now on a 14 day quarantine.

"It's kinda hunker down and watch for any symptoms," White said.

White says she wasn't tested for the coronavirus, but fears since she is around her daughter so much she may have it. That's why she is taking the quarantine so seriously.

"I could have come in contact with someone at the grocery store and not known it," White says. "Use proper precaution and go get tested. You can have it and not know and spread it to your loved ones."

White says her daughter’s oral surgery is postponed until June or July.

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