StormTALK! Weather Blog: Wednesday Update

Updated: May. 20, 2020 at 7:35 AM EDT
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I know, we are still talking about this low pressure. It is to our south today so the flow is coming in from the east and this will spawning drizzle and showers at times. In addition, a bit more of a wind today compared to previous days.

The low will move back north Thursday with a risk for the southern side of the center to develop some scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon.

As the low continues to drift north overnight into Friday AM, there is a window that the wind will relax to near calm levels. If skies try to break up at all, dense fog will rapidly develop. Something to watch for Friday AM’s commute.

We finally get rid of the low Friday but a warm front-ish will move in from the southwest. This may keep our southern counties stormy at times. Highs will jump into the 70s and 80s.

The holiday weekend and really into the next will be at the mercy of a ridge of high pressure to our east and a cold front to our west. We will be in a “squeeze play” zone for thunderstorms. This will be something to trend in the coming days as a stronger high pressure won’t necessarily keep us dry but it would cut down on the coverage of thunderstorms and allow for a very warm if not hot setup. A weaker ridge would put us right into the storm zone and that will cut down some on the temps and of course increase the coverage of thunderstorms.

Don’t adjust any of your plans yet, just be aware of the elements we are monitoring and what to look for.

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