Local Blitzball League Continues to Grow

Local Blitzball League Continues to Grow
Louisville area Blitzball League is the fifth largest league of its kind in the nation. (Source: Kendrick Haskins)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It’s a relatively new sports craze that has grown through the use of social media. Blitzball leagues have popped up all across the country and internationally. To become an official league, you must meet certain criteria. “You just got to be an official league, which means you have a certain number of players, and you’re on YouTube as well. You just post video on YouTube of your games,” said Bluegrass Blitzball League co-founder, Nick Lewis.

Blitzball is a an advanced version of wiffle ball with baseball style rules. “You know, four balls equals a walk. Three strikes equals an out, but instead of three outs per inning, we actually play two,” said league co-founder, Sean Stiles. There are no more than three players on a roster, but another huge difference is the ball itself. “72 different sides on it, all in the shape of a hexagon. With all those sides on it, it allows you to throw the ball and curve it twice as much as a regular baseball,” said Stiles.

The Bluegrass Blitzball league is in its fifth year. Lewis and Stiles, along with some of their neighborhood buddies had been playing for years. They noticed more and more people were becoming interested in it, so they decided to form the league. “We just started playing it More and more people were wanting to tag along and join in. And so, we just kind of thought we should make a league out of this. Lets kind of make this into something,” said Stiles.

In the short amount of time of the league’s existence, it’s already grown to the fifth largest league in the country. This season, the league is fielding six teams, and there is hope to maybe compete in one of the national tournaments. “There’s like two tournaments. There’s one in Chicago and then there’s one in Tampa, which is the World Series, and like MLB players come out to it, and stuff like that,” said Lewis.

The game looked fun, so I thought I would give it a try, and make a fool of myself. Hitting is not easy. Out of I don’t know how many swings, I connected maybe four times. Unlike Lewis who hit a walk-off home run to give his team a 3-0 win.

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