Meat shortage causing problems for local restaurants

Meat shortage causing problems for local restaurants

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As restaurants start to open up across Kentucky, the excitement is slightly overshadowed by the nationwide meat shortage.

“We serve hamburgers, so if we don’t have the ground beef, we have nothing,” the co-owner of Double Flame Burgers, Jose Carmona, said.

It’s been over a week since Carmona has gotten a ground beef shipment. His cost has gone up at least 20 percent. However, he’s still trying to roll with it and won’t raise prices for his loyal customers.

“We are running our last two rolls and we didn’t receive any notice about when we can be able to get our next order,” Carmona said.

When Carmona isn’t behind the grill, he’s searching different places trying to track it down.

“It’s not like go to a store and get that one and let’s cook it, because we want to keep the quality too,” Jose said. So what’s the beef with beef?

“The reduction is really due to the productions facilities operating at less than capacity,” Mitch Huff with US Foods said.

A lot of meat packing plants have had COVID-19 outbreaks and have had to cut capacity to prevent the spread.

“We’re a little challenged getting product into our warehouse to get distributed to our customers,” Huff said.

They’re trying to help their customer’s find similar products and maybe a different brand, as well as giving advice on how to switch up their menus, which is something Carmona is trying out.

“I have to do something different. I have to grab something, whatever I find,” Carmona said. “No ground beef? Okay, chicken, pork, I’m going to find out a way to stay.”

Although no one really knows when the beef will be back, Carmona says he will adapt. He also said he’s had trouble trying to get other ingredients and supplies, but for him that isn’t something to cry about. He’s happy everyone’s business has exploded with curbside and delivery including his own.

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