11-year-old entrepreneur raises funds for the community serving ice cream

11-year-old entrepreneur raises funds for the community serving ice cream

PROSPECT, Ky. (WAVE) - Calli’s Creamery is open for business.

11-year-old Calli Halaris started making the sweet treat after getting her hands on an ice cream maker; then one sale led to another.

Before the Halaris family knew it business was booming. Everyone was all hands on deck.

"The time invested into it is well worth it,” James Halaris, Calli’s father said. “In terms of the joy it brings us as a family, Calli obviously, and the people we’re delivering the ice cream to, it’s just fantastic to see the smiles on their faces.”

Kate Halaris, Calli’s mom, as well as James, Calli and her siblings go on delivery routes throughout the Louisville area. They drop off orders of pints of their four flavors: Bourbon Vanilla, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Each pint is sold at five dollars, which includes a hand-made thank you note in every order.

Over 60 percent of the proceeds go to three different non-profits: One Louisville COVID-19 fund, Dare to Care, and Hopes Scarves.

Calli wants to spread the message that hope is not canceled.

"I love seeing people smile, seeing people smile makes me smile and I love to smile,” Calli said.

In a time where school is out and many are social distancing, the young entrepreneur says she took some advice to find her way to helping the community.

“My grandma said, in times of need look for the helpers,” Calli said. "But I didn’t want to look for one, I wanted to be one!”

To date, Calli’s Creamery has raised more than $1500. Around $775 which was donated to the One Louisville COVID-19 Relief Fund, and Dare to Care received around $850. She hopes to raise more for the Hope Scarves non-profit organization.

Calli’s Creamery has a goal to raise 10-thousand dollars between the three organizations. For more information on Calli’s Creamery, click or tap here.

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