Deam Lake draws Memorial Day crowd after reopening with new guidelines

Deam Lake draws Memorial Day crowd after reopening with new guidelines

BORDEN, Ind. (WAVE) - Indiana campgrounds and beaches reopened Friday with new safety guidelines under Gov. Holcomb’s “roadmap” to reopening the state. Throughout the long weekend, hundreds of people took advantage of this opportunity at the Deam Lake State Recreation Area.

For many, soaking in the sun at the beach on Deam Lake was a return to something familiar.

“We’re trying to be fairly low key and let people have a good time out here and they’re doing pretty good, they really are,” property manager Pat Cleary said.

According to Cleary, most people followed social distancing guidelines but face masks were in short supply.

For beachgoers like Evan Jackson, who drove to Deam Lake from Louisville, there was no hesitation to visit the beach although he took precautions while there.

“I thought since it was raining there wouldn’t be as many people as there was but I understand why. It’s Memorial Day, people were cooped up,” Jackson said. “I am going to try to follow social distancing, when I went down to the beach I definitely tried to avoid people for sure.”

Cleary tells WAVE 3 News that precautions have been implemented at Deam Lake to help keep people safe. The lake’s concessions and boat rental stand now limits entry to one person or family group at a time.

The campground at Deam Lake was also active on Monday but slower than usual. With nearly 225 cabins and camp sites only about 30 were currently filled. Communal spaces on the campground like water fountains and showers had also been shut down.

Beyond the precautions implemented by Deam Lake staff, Cleary is asking people to take safety into their own hands if they plan to visit.

“That’s one thing you got to remember out here, when you come have a good time but you have your own responsibility too,” he said.

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