Holiday social distancing being practiced depending on where you look

Holiday social distancing being practiced depending on where you look

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - This Memorial Day, there’s concern around the country about going backwards when it comes to coronavirus numbers.

With beautiful weather in Louisville Monday, plenty of folks were out and about. We wondered if they were social distancing and soon found out that it all depended on where you looked.

While playgrounds were closed at Waterfront Park, a few families of 10 or less were enjoying picnics. Next door, there was plenty of holiday foot and bike traffic at the Big Four Bridge.

Cyclist Lynn Bailey said, “We rode yesterday and we saw a lot of people out having a good time, we’re just trying to be safe, social distance and have a good afternoon.”

That’s exactly what we saw there, mostly family members or friends spaced apart from others. On stilts, performers from Turner’s Circus in Louisville provided entertainment for walkers and really had 6 feet distancing under control. Police parked nearby with a watchful eye said they saw few problems.

Louisville mom Deanna Wilson said pointing to her teenage daughter, “We have our children, we can still control, but I think it’s the 20 to 30-year-old’s that are the problem.”

While all age groups operate under different social distancing practices, Wilson may have a point. Our WAVE 3 News night crews out working the holiday weekend saw packed outdoor spaces in the Highlands at bars that serve food and not a lot of social distancing rules being monitored by security. And around the country images of a crowded pool party in the Ozarks and big groups congregating at parks and beaches have officials in multiple states worried about spikes in coronavirus.

Norton Healthcare Employee Wellness Director Allison Ledford said of people not following social distancing, “There’s always that risk, that’s why there’s a need for constant education and re-education and putting it on the media to remind people it’s really important to follow the CDC guidelines, wash your hands, wear your mask and do the right things.”

Laura Burnham a Louisville nurse who took a walk on the Big Four Bridge Monday said, “As a nurse I am a little worried, not worried for my health because I am healthy, and I’m not so much worried for my family, because we’re all the age where we can battle it,” she said, “but, it’s transferring it to my parents.”

No matter what your take is on masks and sanitizing, experts say the bottom line is, if you’re not around someone with the virus, you’re not going to get it, social distancing is the key.

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