‘My friend’s not a drug dealer’: Breonna Taylor’s friends, family say

‘My friend’s not a drug dealer’: Breonna Taylor’s friends, family say

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Months after the investigation started, family members and friends of Breonna Taylor are still waiting for details on what happened inside her apartment on March 13.

Taylor's friends and family said she is not here to defend herself, so they will be her voice.

They addressed the allegations made in the no-knock warrant that brought police officers to her home.

The no-knock warrant police said brought them to Taylor’s home listed two men, Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker. Investigators said the men were suspected drug traffickers. They were taken into custody that same night.

Taylor was also listed on the warrant because a detective told a judge he believed one of the men were using Taylor’s apartment to store drugs.

"Breonna would never put herself or her family in any type of situation dealing with that,” Peronia Flakes, Taylor’s cousin, said.

Taylor had no criminal history and her family's lawyer said she should have never been a focus of a dangerous no-knock warrant.

Taylor’s best friend, Elysia Bowman, said, “My friend’s not a drug dealer she doesn’t get into that she’s a hard worker.” Bowman continued, “The first thing she’ll say ‘I’m not about that life.’ She can’t even tell you how much anything is.”

Police shot Taylor at least eight times. The family’s lawsuit states no packages of interest or drugs were found in her home.

"My friend is sitting in Heaven wondering what she did,” Bowman said. “I’m telling you she’s sitting there like ‘what did I do? What did I do to deserve this.’”

Bowman continued: “It’s so horrible because if you saw what we saw, if you saw the inside of her apartment, if you walked past what we had to walk past.”

Taylor’s family’s lawyer said police fired blindly into Taylor’s home more than 20 times with little consideration for human life.

"It’s like the cartel came and killed my friend that’s what it looked like,” Bowman said.

Those close to Taylor said she died because of wrong assumptions and judgments.

"How do you go into somebody’s apartment and kill them, find nothing but you can’t take accountability for it,” Bowman said. “Just say ‘we were wrong.’”

Taylor’s loved ones said the situation was swept under the rug for two months, but they will work to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

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