McConnell praises Beshear for reopening Kentucky’s economy

McConnell praises Beshear for reopening Kentucky’s economy

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell praised Governor Andy Beshear for his handling of the reopening of the state’s economy.

“I think the governor is doing an excellent job,” the republican Senate Majority Leader said about the state’s ranking democrat. “The governor made that decision to end the elective surgery ban. I think that was a smart move, and also beginning to allow the state to open up again, I think it’s time. So I commend him for that.”

McConnell made the comments Tuesday at his first public appearance in Kentucky since March 13.

The senator, who is running for re-election for the seat he has held since 1985, stopped briefly at Norton Brownsboro Hospital to praise front line medical workers and tout the Senate passage of trillion dollar economic stimulus packages.

“The CARES Act is investing billions of dollars into families, healthcare workers, and small businesses across the country,” McConnell said in a tweet shortly after the event. “In Kentucky, it’s already added up to an $11 billion impact.”

McConnell said another smaller stimulus package is needed with a shield for health providers and businesses attempting to reopen during the pandemic.

“This liability protection will prevent a second pandemic of lawsuits assaulting our efforts to begin to get back to normal,” McConnell said, “which leads me to my final point, ultimately we have to begin to get back to normal. And I think it’s good That Kentucky is beginning to open up.”

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