David McAtee’s mother hires attorney, who blasts LMPD for releasing video

Unedited video of the David McAtee police-involved shooting

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - David McAtee's mother, Odessa Riley, has retained attorney Steve Romines to represent the family.

McAtee was the owner of YaYa’s BBQ Shack, who was shot dead by officers early Monday morning at his restaurant.

Romines on Wednesday released a statement blasting LMPD for not having any officer body-camera video from the incident, and for releasing surveillance video from McAtee’s restaurant despite the fact that the case is still being investigated.

Read Romines’ full statement below:

“The small snippet of video released raises more questions than it answers. The police continually refuse to release evidence in these type of cases because they say ‘the investigation is ongoing’ yet they choose to selectively release 15 seconds of video to try and bolster an untenable position. More importantly, the only video released is from David’s own surveillance camera, but there is no video from the 20 or so police officers who were ordered to have body cams operational. This leads to one of three scenarios: 1. Every officer decided to turn off his/her body cam in contravention of a specific order. 2. Every officer was ordered to turn off his/her body cam in contravention of the Mayor’s order. 3. Body cams were on and those videos have been destroyed. Whichever of these occurred, the chief of police was fired immediately over this incident. My client‘s desire is to get the truth of what occurred that night.”

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