West Clark Community Schools address vote on upcoming split in district

West Clark Community Schools address vote on upcoming split in district

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As part of Tuesday's primary elections in Indiana, the West Clark Community School District voted to split into two districts.

It's never happened before in the state of Indiana and it's nearly unprecedented in the entire country.

On July 1, the district will cease to exist.

On Tuesday, voters decided at a 75%-25% margin to split and create both the Silver Creek District and the Borden-Henryville Districts.

Joe Basham has been a West Clark School Board Member for 12 years and will likely serve on the board of the newly formed Silver Creek District.​ “There has always been tension between the three communities,” Basham said.

He said the split will allow the two new districts to focus more on what they want individually.​

For example, the smaller community schools, like those in what will become Borden-Henryville, can return to classes they've wanted to but couldn't, like agriculture classes.

"This will give the two smaller schools an opportunity to bring those back in their classes," said Basham. "If they've got something else they want to try, it's just going to give us more flexibility where you don't have to argue with each other over tax dollars."

Basham says taxes won't be raised as a direct result of the split.

Current West Clark Superintendent Clemen Pérez-Lloyd says much of each school’s instructional plans will be uninterrupted. “We at the administration level have constructed a plan to support a high-quality instructional program,” said Pérez-Lloyd.

There will still be some shared resources between the two new districts.

Although interim boards have been meeting for the two new school boards, they can’t make any decisions at an official capacity until July 1.

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