Family, friends say goodbyes during funeral service for David McAtee

Family, friends say goodbyes during funeral service for David McAtee

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - David McAtee was laid to rest today. Friends and family came by the dozens at Canaan Christian Church on Saturday and said their goodbyes.

Saturday was the last time David McAtee will be physically near his loved ones. From now on, McAtee’s memory lives on through his family and friends.

”Our responsibility will be to continue the fight,” Rev Timothy Findley, Jr. of Kingdom Fellowship Church said. “Continue to pass and push the legacy and make sure his death was not in vain.”

As the casket closed on David McAtee, the hearts of his family burst with emotion and can be heard crying.

McAtee was shot once in the chest and died almost two weeks ago, after National Guard and LMPD officers were called to an area near 26th and Broadway to disperse a crowd. Investigators say McAtee shot at the National Guard, while patrolling in neighborhoods where there were protesters.

Before the shooting, people who knew him say he inspired so many with his meals and it came with comfort.

”You loved your community, you were a kind soul, you fed people who needed it, again.. again and again,” Chef Edward Lee said. “From one chef to another, I’ll never know anything more powerful as making something with your hands and sharing it with your brothers and sisters in need.”

Throughout the service there were tears and songs in praise, but also celebration of David McAtee’s life.

McAtee will be buried by his family, hoping his soul rests in peace.

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