Check out this multi-generational home

Check out this multi-generational home

FLOYDS KNOBS, Ind. (WAVE) - It’s not unusual for families to have an aging parent live with them. But what is different about the living arrangement WAVE 3 News recently learned about is how a family is making it happen.

From the outside of the house in Floyds Knobs, Ind., you would never know what it looks like on the inside.

”This is our kitchen. We have our garage off this side. Our laundry room,” said

Radio host Sarah Jordan and her husband, Brian Neff, designed their home in farm chic style. It even has a Woodford Reserve bourbon barrel as the island of their closet. But that’s not what makes it unique.

”It’s two houses in one, so that’s the thing about it,” Jordan said. When you walk through a door in their living room, you’re entering another house. It’s where Jordan’s parents live. They have their own living room, laundry room, and kitchen, done in dark colors compared to Jordan’s white.

”We’re like yin and yang, but we all like the brass,” said Jordan’s mom, Jody Schneider, whose side has two bedrooms.

The idea started when Jordan’s parents dreamed of buying land for two houses. Jordan and her husband started to do the math.

”As we went through the process, we realized building two houses was more expensive that building one, so we decided to come up with this,” she said. And there’s even a third generation living here -- Jordan’s grandfather. He has his own space in the basement. Jordan and Neff are at work, the grandparents watch the three children. ”The kids run over,” Schneider said, just as her grandson ran in.

They all eat dinner together every night, taking turns on who cooks.

”I’ll tell my dad, ‘Hey, we’re eating at the neighbors tonight,” Schneider said. “So we’ll go over to their house.” And if they run out of butter, they know just where to go. You might think they’d get sick of each other, but they say that hasn’t happened.

”We even took a vacation together,” Schneider said. The multigenerational living arrangement allowed Jordan’s parents to retire since she and her husband took over the mortgage. They split the other costs. And yes, Neff will win son in law of the year.

”My in-laws are awesome,” he said, to which his wife responded: “You better say it; they’re sitting over there.”

Jordan said the living arrangement has been a huge help during the coronavirus crisis. Her mother helped with school while Jordan broadcast on WDJX. And during their free time, they worked together on the house and yard, which kept them close and entertained as well.

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