Black attorneys in Louisville march in hopes of “balancing the scales of justice”

Black attorneys in Louisville march in hopes of “balancing the scales of justice”

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Amid weeks of demonstration following the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor, black lawyers in Louisville marched on Saturday hopeful that justice will be served.

Speaking to fellow attorneys, supporters and those camped out at Jefferson Square Park, members of the Charles W. Anderson, Jr. Bar Association (CWABA) voiced their support for protesters.

“This time I think we have the ability to push over the top and get to final decision where we have equality for everyone,” president Demetrius Holloway said.

Louisville Urban League president Sadiqa Reynolds, previously a public defender, also addressed the crowd.

“We are attorneys, we have to be about the business of keeping our brother’s and sister’s safe. They have to know that we are here,” Reynolds said. “There is no space for neutrality, you are either for black people or you are not. It is that simple.”

Armed with legal expertise, black attorneys in Louisville have already begun to represent those arrested while protesting. On Saturday, members of the CWABA also announced their support for protester bail funds and “know your rights” clinics for the community.

“As black attorneys we essentially can help bridge those gaps, that disconnect, and help people get justice they deserve, that they’re entitled to,” president-elect Samuel Jones said.

On Saturday, black attorneys were also encouraged to use the power of their vote in upcoming elections and speak out against injustice at their places of work.

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