Family of Louisville woman killed by ‘friend’ looks forward to justice

Family of Louisville woman killed by ‘friend’ looks forward to justice

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Exactly one year ago, a 23-year-old woman lost her life to a man who her family says insisted on being “more than friends.”

Although time has passed, for Lukisha Thomas, it still feels like the day she lost her baby girl.

”But with all the family and friends and support and prayers it makes me happy,” Lukisha Thomas told WAVE 3 News on Tuesday.

Loved ones gathered to celebrate the light she brought to the world.

”Tyyatta, she had it going on,” Lukisha Thomas said. “The baby was goofy, she was silly, she liked to crack jokes, she liked to prank a lot, she was a makeup artist, she was a photographer, she loved people.”

Tyyatta Thomas was shot in the back of the head by Jose Rodriguez, 27, after he persuaded her to come to his Bon Air apartment on Rowena Road last June.

After the shooting, Rodriguez admitted to police that he called several friends and his mother to come over and talk about what he’d done. More than an hour after the shooting, his mother ultimately persuaded him to call 911.

Rodriguez stayed at the scene and was arrested. He’s now charged with murder.

Although Rodriguez pleaded not guilty and the court system is trying her patience, Lukisha Thomas has no doubt she will get justice for her daughter.

”No ifs, ands, or buts about it,” she said. “He [God] got my back, first.”

Although Tyyatta Thomas noticed red flags and was trying to cut ties with Rodriguez, her mother said she didn’t know what was going on. She encourages anyone going through a similar situation or sees a loved one suffering to speak up and save their life.

”A lot of people knew how this person was and it cost her her life because they didn’t tell it,” Lukisha Thomas said. “There was an incident that happened with him in the past but they hid that and swept it under the rug, and I feel like if that incident would have been addressed she would have still been alive, and he would have already been locked up, and they would have never met.”

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