2 more protesters arrested following clash with downtown driver

VIDEO: Protester hit by vehicle, 17 arrests made in downtown Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A group of protesters seen in a viral video and charged with assaulting a female driver had plans to “shut down the courts” that morning, according to a newly obtained arrest citation.

According to the report, the suspect, Anthony Talbert-Russell, told police the lead protester of his group was appointed because the original leader was “found to be too peaceful.”

Russell and another man, Theodore Johnson, are two more people now facing charges related to the incident which was caught on video. Two others, Darius S. Anderson and Brioanna Richards, also have been charged.

The incident happened Wednesday at 6th and Liberty streets in downtown Louisville. The videos showed a protester blocking a female driver from going forward.

According to Talbert’s arrest citation, other protesters arrived, a confrontation begins and the protesters assaulted the driver, ripping a lock from her hair. The report stated the driver was in fear for her life when she took off, striking one of the protesters with her vehicle.

As the victim drove away, one of the protesters is seen running after her while pointing a gun at her vehicle.

The citation also stated the driver was trying to get to an appointment downtown when the incident happened.

Talbert has been charged with wanton endangerment and rioting, both felonies. He is also charged with criminal mischief and assault. Johnson is charged with rioting, assault and criminal mischief.

Anderson and Richards also face a number of charges, including the obstruction of a highway.

LMPD said last week that the driver is not expected to be charged.

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