Wrongful death lawsuit filed 5 months after deadly bar skirmish

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The husband of a man who died after a night out at a Highlands bar has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Nicholas Clark claims in the lawsuit that the security team at the Nowhere Bar used unnecessary violence, which led to Christopher McKinney’s death in January.

According to the lawsuit, McKinney was overserved and got into an argument with staff when he couldn’t find his coat check ticket.

Court documents say that McKinney was escorted out of the establishment for unruly behavior. The lawsuit claims that Justin Wright, the security guard working at Nowhere Bar, then punched McKinney in the head, knocking him out.

McKinney was rushed to a hospital and later died.

Clark’s lawyers say transparency has not been on their side.

“We’re having trouble getting things that I know exist, that the prosecutor has already viewed,” attorney Georgia Connelly said. “We’re having trouble getting them ourselves, which is interesting.”

“They tried to do CPR and life-sustaining efforts for I’d say two to three hours, and it was unsuccessful,” Clark recalled.

Wright, who was working as a bouncer at the bar that night, was assisted by off-duty LMPD officers working as security.

Connelly said Wright has a violent past, adding that records show he had a misdemeanor domestic violence charge that was dismissed.

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