Healthy At School: State unveils safety plan for fall return

Healthy At School: State unveils safety plan for fall return

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Commissioner of Education Kevin Brown on Wednesday announced guidance on safety expectations and best practices for Kentucky’s return to school in the fall.

Brown’s most repeated guidance was about the requirements to wear face coverings.

“When you move, you mask,” he said while outlining the social distancing piece of the plan.

Brown said people will need to stay six feet away from everyone whenever possible. In close quarters such as classrooms, students and teachers will need to cover their faces if they can’t maintain that distance. He also said anyone on a school bus will need to wear a face mask.

The Healthy At School program will require all districts to check students’ temperatures upon arrival, sanitize all surfaces, and perform contact tracing.

Gov. Andy Beshear said the requirements aren’t just for students.

“What we cannot do ... is to not make recommendations that we know will help not just the students, but think about the teachers and bus drivers and the rest,” he said. “All the adults that are in that building or get them to that building deserve to be safe, too.”

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman announced Wednesday that the state has suspended its 10-day limit on non-traditional instruction, allowing for unlimited remote learning in light of the coronavirus crisis. She also said the state has suspended its average daily attendance requirements that partly inform how much government funding a school district can receive.

The back-to-school portion of this story is currently being updated.

During his daily media briefing in Frankfort, Beshear shared some new data on the state’s coronavirus crisis:

+ 229 new cases, including 40 in Fayette County and 32 in Jefferson County

+ 14,363 total cases

+ 1 new death; 538 total deaths

+ A total of 368,152 Kentuckians have been tested for the coronavirus

+ 2,574 residents have been hospitalized; 335are currently hospitalized

+ 992 patients have been in an ICU; 79 are currently in an ICU

+ 3,706 Kentuckians have recovered

+ Hospital occupancy across the state is at about 50 percent

+ In the state’s longterm-care facilities, 1,698 residents and 812 staff members have tested positive, and 342 have died.

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