Redman Balances Coaching During Covid

Redman Balances Coaching During Covid
Chris Redman

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Football practice looks a little different these days. “Right now we can’t even use a ball,” said new Christian Academy’s seventh and eight grade coach, Chris Redman. The former U of L star and Super Bowl champion says these different times have called for different measures. “Sometimes it’s better without a ball. You know, you learn your formations. We’re putting in a few more motions and shifts in than they’re probably used to,” said Redman. “Without a ball we could to like know the plays. Know how to do everything,” said wide receiver/defensive back, Tre Hardin.

Redman has been training football players for years, but now he has a little added incentive to become a head coach. His son Britt Redman is now on the team. “I love him coaching. My grandpa coached my dad, so I’m in his footsteps now,” said Britt who is currently playing receiver.

Of course, Chris is following in his legendary father, Bob Redman’s coaching footsteps. “I’ve got big shoes to fill with my dad being a pretty good ball coach around town,” said Chris. While Britt may not be old enough to remember his grandfather as a coach, he does already notices one similarity between Bob and Chris. “They both like to yell at me,” said Britt.

Chris Redman is a busy man these days between coaching and his TV gig at Wave 3 as co-host of the high school football highlight show, “Game On”. “We’re going to follow up last year with a new time on Saturdays. We’re real excited about being back at Wave 3, and excited to be with my dad and Deion Branch, and Kent Taylor. We have to put up with him for another year, so it will be fun,” joked Redman.

Hopefully,we can get back to normal football by then.

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