Woman remains in critical condition more than a week after Highlands hit and run

Woman remains in critical condition more than a week after Highlands hit and run

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A woman is in critical condition more than a week after she was hit by a car while on Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

It happened on June 19th at Lucia Avenue and Bardstown Road.

Now her family is looking for answers as police search for the driver who hit her.

Every day you'll find Jasmin Green and her family outside UofL Hospital, holding hands to pray.

"We just keep praying to God that she continues to progress and you know she continues on with her recovery," Green said.

Wantana Green is the victim of the hit and run. Her daughter said they were celebrating Juneteenth. Her mom had stepped off the curb into the street for a minute, but there were no cars around. Then Green told WAVE 3 News she noticed headlights and a car driving fast. Before she could warn her mother, the car hit her mom.

"And I just, you know, keep recalling seeing her get hit and tumbling and sliding up the sidewalk," Green said. "That's all I really remember. And we were running to her side and you know, holding her saying 'Momma I need you to get up, I need you to get up. I cannot lose you. You have to get up.' That's all I really recall."

Police released surveillance images of the suspect vehicle: a dark-colored, four-door car.

LMPD believes the car is a Buick Century between the model years of 1997 and 2005.

"I'm waiting for answers because I need them," Green said. "I want to know why? Why did you hit her? You know, why did you continue going? Why didn't you pull over? Why didn't you come back around?"

The family told WAVE 3 News that about a week ago, doctors told them Wantana was brain dead and had no spinal reflexes.

But Green said her mom is a fighter. Over the past week, her mom has been showing signs that she is getting better.

"The first time she heard my son's voice she opened both of her eyes," Green said. "She's opening her eyes and able to shake her head no. She's able to move the

Only one family member is allowed inside the hospital during her mother's stay because of COVID-19 restrictions.

So everyday, below her mother's hospital window, Green and her family meet to pray.

"When I'm on FaceTime with her I'm telling her like, 'Momma keep fighting. You're not alone, you're not by yourself. You know, we're all out here as a family, out here praying and fighting right along with you.'"

The family has set up a GoFundMe. Anyone with information about the hit and run, or if anyone recognizes the vehicle, call LMPD’s anonymous tipline 574-LMPD.

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